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Kids' Biggest Vegetable Contest

( No purchase necessary,Grades K thru 8 -- IF YOU GREW IT, YOU CAN ENTER IT )

Welcome to the FUN!
GRAND PRIZE for the LARGEST OVERALL VEGETABLE is a Blue Ribbon and $100.00!

PRIZES for the biggest in each of the following five categories:
These winners each receive $25 cash, Blue Ribbon, PLUS  a free Gardening Adventures Program Workbook (List: $24.95)
(Winners in these categories are automatically entered in the Grand Prize judging)

Only these five vegetables are eligible.
All vegetables should be clean, dry (shake off excess moisture) and free of any extra materials that could add weight.

Watermelon Trim – stem to 1 inch.
Pumpkin Trim – stem to 2 inches.
Tomato Trim – stem to 1 inch.
Carrot Trim – leaves to 1 inch.
Zucchini Trim – stem to 1 inch.

GRAND PRIZE RULES: Any one of the vegetables FROM THE TABLE BELOW, having the overall greatest weight. Winning vegetables determined according to the table below that lists the specifications and multipliers used, as developed by Emeritus UF Extension Vegetable Specialist Jim Stephens: Points are assigned based on the trimmed weight of the specimen, multiplied by a Points per ounce factor, which equalizes the comparison between large and small products. (see Points/Factor table below)

1. Your vegetable must be weighed on an accurate scale, with an adult witness other than parents. (A post office, UPS station or food store checkout are acceptable scales. An employee can witness and sign your weight note.)

2. Submit a simple WEIGHT note including:

(A.) The weight of your vegetable, and the point/ounce factor total.
(B.) The date of the weighing,
(C.) The signature of the adult witness,
(D.) Your signature.

3. Submit a picture of you holding the vegetable with :

(A.)Your name,
(B.) Age
(C.) Address
(D.) Phone number or email address
(E.) Vegetable weight and point/ounce factor total.

4. Send your picture and note or a copy of each to:

KidsGAP Biggest Vegetable Contest
1644 Plaza Way #104
Walla Walla, WA 99362

All entries must be postmarked no later than Aug 30th, 2016
Winners will be notified by Sept 20th

All pictures will become property of and can not be returned.

Conditions: reserves the right to publish entries in any format or media at any time. Only first names, city, state, and grade level of students will be noted if selected for publication. Entries may be used to promote our Curriculum or to inform the KidsGAP community of our events. All other information volunteered by any of our students is strictly confidential and is by no means made available by us to anyone for any purpose. Your privacy is very important to us.


BEET trim stem & tap root to 1″ 0.8
BROCCOLI trim stalk to 1″ 1.3
CABBAGE trim stalk to 1″ 0.3
CARROT trim leaves to 1″ 2
CAULIFLOWER trim stalk to 1″ 0.4
CORN, Sweet unshucked, trim stalk to 1″ 2
CUCUMBER no stem 1.6
EGGPLANT trim stem to 1″ 1.4
GARLIC trim stem to 1″ 3.1
GOURD trim stem to 1″ 0.2
JICAMA trim stem to 1″ 0.3
KOHLRABI trim root and leap stems to 1″ 0.3
LETTUCE trim base to 1″ 1.8
MUSKMELON trim stem to 1″ 0.3
OKRA trim stem to 1″ 12.5
ONION trim top & roots to 1 1.8
PEPPER trim stem to 1″ 6.3
POTATO, Irish no multiple tubers 2.1
POTATO, Sweet no multiple roots 0.2
PUMPKIN trim stem to 2″ 0.02
RADISH, Summer trim stem & tap root to 1″ 1.7
RADISH, Winter trim stem & tap root to 1″ 0.3
SQUASH, Summer trim stem to 1″ 1
SQUASH, Winter trim stem to 1″ 0.1
SQUASH, Zucchini trim stem to 1″ 0.5
TOMATO trim stem to 1″ 2.1
TURNIP trim stem to 1″ 0.4
WATERMELON trim stem to 1″ 0.1


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Contest Eligibility

Art ... July 20th
Insect research ... July 30th
Photography ... August 10th
Garden recipe ... August 20th
Biggest vegetable ... August 30th

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