Dr. Peggy Harris Willcuts, Ed.D.
Noted Science Curriculum Specialist for Washington State,
Recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching.

Combine a knowledgeable, committed, caring individual with a passion for science education and you’ve got Peggy. Applying her hands-on, experiential teaching methods, she captures the interest and admiration of her students and helps them to gain outstanding academic achievement.

We had asked Peggy to evaluate our curriculum and make suggestions for improvement; we recieved more than we expected when she extended her personal endorsement, and said we should make it available to a greater audience.

Excerpts from Peggy’s vision for science education in Washington State:

    “I have the vision that we could empower each student to become a scientifically literate person – someone who has an understanding of science and the nature of science such that it allows them excitement and passion for the world around them.”

“I feel that a true understanding of science will enhance the opportunities for all students to hold meaningful and productive jobs in the future.”

“The business community continuously reminds us of the need for entry-level workers with the ability to think creatively, work collaboratively, reason, and solve problems.”


Mrs. Barbara W. Brim
Educational Consultant Curriculum Counseling and Assessment Ada, Ohio Barbara meets with up to 300 families a year and is a speaker at Homeschool seminars and conferences.

She writes: Thank you so very much for sending your gardening curriculum for my use in home-educating seminars and with the individual counseling I do. I am amazed at the number and quality of experiences you have incorporated! I see this as a ”big hit” and a fine program – and not only for the children, but for the parents.


Join kids across the nation for the
2016 Gardening Award Program!
Ordering deadline: June 20th

Official Award Certificate
Contest Eligibility

Art ... July 20th
Insect research ... July 30th
Photography ... August 10th
Garden recipe ... August 20th
Biggest vegetable ... August 30th

The Chambers, Texas
"I just wanted to include a note to say "Thank You" for such an outstanding curriculum! My boys have thoroughly enjoyed every one of the units. Thanks again for this wonderful activity!"