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Garden Insect Research Contest

The National Insect Research Contest is sponsored by Braden Road Farm & Garden to encourage interest in the study of cycles, habits and environmental impact of insects.

Use a clear container and catch a harmless insect.
Put the lid on and take a good look!
Now observation, identification and drawing is fun and easy.
What was it doing when you caught it?  What does it eat?  Is it harmful or beneficial?
These are just a few of the questions that will need answers on research sheets.


Blue Ribbon, $25 cash & Science Insect Books

To Enter:

Contestants must be students of Gardening Adventures.

The Entry:

1. A copy of your insect research: Project Sheet # 7 ZOOLOGY.
2. Your Name, Address, Grade, Age, Phone Number or Email (for prize notification)
must be clearly printed.
3. All entries become the property of Braden Road Farm and will not be returned.
4. All insect drawings must be the students own work.
5. Mail to:

KidsGAP Insect Research Contest
1644 Plaza Way #104
Walla Walla, WA 99362

Judging Criteria:

Accuracy: Facts and Spelling
Neatness: Write clearly, no cross-outs. Page should look clean.
Detail: Give attention to details in drawing and description. How many legs, antennae, wings, stripes, colors, etc.
Content and Effort: Add all the interesting facts you find. Extra effort is easy to see.
Sheets are judged according to: Grade level expectations. Do your best.

Deadline for Entries:

July 30th, 2016
Winners selected from all grade levels K thru 8
Winners will be notified by August 20th

Conditions: reserves the right to publish entries in any format or media at any time. Only first names, city, state, and grade level of students will be noted if selected for publication. Entries may be used to promote our Curriculum or to inform the KidsGAP community of our events. All other information volunteered by any of our students is strictly confidential and is by no means made available by us to anyone for any purpose. Your privacy is very important to us.


We keep a list of all the different insects sent into us over the years. This list represents collections from the United States. If you find a new one we will add it to our list. Take a look to see if your insect is listed.


Annual Cicada Embry 8th Clanton, AL

Aphid Jamie 2nd Elko, NY

Ant Paul 3rd Nipomo, CA

Ant, Fire Daniel 6th Corpus Christi, TX

Bee, Mining L.B. 6th Clanton, AL

Bee, Bumble Judah 3rd Titusville, PA

Bee, Honey Charlie 4th Clanton, AL

Braconid Wasp Charlie 4th Clanton, AL

Beetle, Colorado Potato Bryan 4th Richland Center, WI

Beetle, Giant Stag Christie 4th Nicholasville, KY

Beetle, Japanese Jillena 7th Barton, New York

Beetle, Ladybug Matthew K Nicholasville, KY

Beetle, May Laura 3rd Baton Rouge, LA

Beetle, Mexican Bean Jessica 6th Kelso, WA

Beetle, Spotted Cucumber L.B. 6th Clanton, AL

Beetle, Striped Cucumber Stephen 2nd Richland Center, WI

Damsel Bug Chassie 8th Tonkawa, OK

European Earwig Judah 3rd Titusville, PA

Dragon Fly Matthew 3rd Corpus Christi, TX

White Fly Judah 3rd Titusville, PA

Worm, Cabbage Micah 3rd Kelso, WA

Worm: Cutworm Micah 3rd Cowlitz, WA

Grasshopper Chris, 6th Ankeny, IA

Short-Horned Grasshopper Jillena 7th Barton, NY

Katydid Katie 4th Medford, WI

Leaf-footed Bug Embry 8th Clanton, OH

Leaf hopper, Rose Embry 8th Clanton, OH

Leaf hopper Megan 3rd Crestview, FL

Moth, Cabbage Bryan 4th Richland Center, WI

Praying Mantis Britney 3rd Botkins, OH

Saltmarsh Chassie 8th Tonkawa, OK

Snail Donnie 7th Nipomo, CA

Sowbug Janna 5th Ridgefield, WA

Spider Jacob 4th Statesville, NC

Daddy Long Leg Christie 4th Nicholasville, KY

Squash Vine Borer Micah 3rd Kelso, WA

Stocky Lestes Damselfly L.B. 6th Clanton, AL

Treehopper Matthew, Nicholasville, KY

Walking Stick Matthew, 3rd Corpus Christi, TX



Join kids across the nation for the
2016 Gardening Award Program!
Ordering deadline: June 20th

Official Award Certificate
Contest Eligibility

Art ... July 20th
Insect research ... July 30th
Photography ... August 10th
Garden recipe ... August 20th
Biggest vegetable ... August 30th

The Chambers, Texas
"I just wanted to include a note to say "Thank You" for such an outstanding curriculum! My boys have thoroughly enjoyed every one of the units. Thanks again for this wonderful activity!"